Okay. You get submissions all the time. And I know 99% of them probably don’t merit the time it takes to look at the jpeg.

But I think this does.

It’s a new one for our agency, MicroMass. Now what makes this ad so different is that our agency currently specializes in…pharmaceutical marketing. We don’t do the pap you see on American tv, but under the radar stuff that only doctors and patients see. Anyway, we thought this was a campaign with an intelligent and straightforward voice in an industry cursed with terrible puns, stock photography and tortured metaphors.

Oh, the ad is real (we don’t have a Brazil office). It’s currently running in MM&M (Medical Marketing & Media) and you can check out our banners to prove it: mmm-online.com

Ironic Side Note: The Art Director missed the photo shoot due to bad weather over LaGuardia.

Client: MicroMass Communications Agency: MicroMass Communications Jamie Cobb: ECD, copywriter Michele Lashley: copywriter Dean Logan: CD, Art Director 2Face: Illustrator/Photographer

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