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Pinsulin: Pin To Top for Juvenile Diabetes


Pinsulin: Pin To Top for Juvenile Diabetes

Sometimes it's hard to keep up with all the awareness days. Thankfully, good campaigns with clear communication help, and this is one of them.

Today is International Juvenile Diabetes Day. And Israeli based Mizbala Group is helping out for JDRF Israel with a campaign called Pin To Top.

They're asking people to promote the issue globally on their Facebook page, just by repinning it on the top, one time. Considering posting photos of kids is pretty much 90% of what my Facebook friends are doing these days, this idea makes a lot of conceptual sense.

They even have a nice, albeit punny microsite to go with it called Pinsulin. But in this case, I'll make an exception to the pun. Because in the accompanying video that goes with it below, we're given a fact that thousands of kids with diabetes have to "pin" themselves (i.e. inject themselves with insulin) twelve times a day to stay alive.

Pinsulin shows what kind of relevant and smart and creative ideas you can generate on multiple social media channels even when your ad budget is zero shekels.

Nice one, guys. I hope you get a lot of repins.

Pinsulin clip


Agencies: Mizbala, Publicis Israel
Executive Creative Director: Dori Ben Israel Kario
CCO Publicis: Rony Schneider
Creative Director: Shiri Mann
Digital Creative Director: Elad Shmilovich
Art: Meital Retig, Daniel Salov
CEO Publicis Webimage: Liron Zahavi, Eyal Huber-Levy
Client: Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation
JDRF Israel CEO: Madi Jacobson

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