Vancouver has recently been invaded by sloppy giants that throw their six-pack rings everywhere, especially on iconic sculptures that tourists and locals alike are fond of. No, it's just Rethink Communications making sure that everyone knows what the Plastic Pollution Coalition know, that plastic is forever.

Anyone else play a "wishing game" with these six-pack things? You put your pinkie in the small holes and your friend does the opposite one, you pull until one of you has the final non-broken hole, and that person gets a wish? I dunno who invented that game but there's never been a six-pack ring that made it into the trash unbroken in my house since the 80s. I kill at that game. I don't kill birds or seacreatures with unbroken plastic rings though.

Client: Plastic Pollution Coalition Agency: Rethink Communications, Vancouver Chris Staples/Ian Grais (Executive Creative Director) Leia Rogers (Art Director) Leia Rogers (Copywriter) Sue Wilkinson/Rhonda Merakian (Producer) David de Haas (Photographer) Jillian Yaehne (Account manager)

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