Canadian agency Bob's Your Uncle rebranded Platinum Naturals , a vitamin supplement maker.

I really like these. Most times health food supplement brands are either too busy, too manifesto-ey, or too reminiscent of 1970's granola eating, corduroy wearing hippie. The latter one isn't so much a dig on hippies or the aesthetics; I was talking to the owner of my local health food store and he told me one brand who hasn't changed its packaging, also hasn't updated their formula since the 70's either.

Anyway. The packaging for Platinum Naturals is to the point. Modern without trying too hard.
I like the splashes of color on the black bottles that helps one easily differentiate the products. Plus the shape of the colors highlights Platinum Natural's USP: Their supplements are absorbed better thanks to an oil suspension delivery system.

See? It's pretty and conceptual, too. Nice one.

Agency: Bob's Your Uncle Strategy: Deborah Arbus Digital: Jonathan Kirsten Art Direction: Daryl Klein Copy: Brian Flay Design: Jennifer Abela-Froese

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