Playboy are trying their hand on being cutting edge advertisers, with this street poster that has augmented reality. First, you have to download the Layar app in order to be able to see the augmented reality attached to this street poster. Like the Lexus swimsuit model print ad which already used an extra layer to a print ad, the extra you get to see with this poster is simply more of the ladies. Unlike the Lexus ad though, there's more that just what meets the eye, as the Layar app unlocks music playlists and behind the scenes videos from the models photo shoots as well.

However, Apple doesn't like too much nudity and Layar admits that 'Due to the explicit nature of this campaign, some of the content can not be viewed in the iOS version of the Layar App.'. #fail

This all feels a little old hat by now, aren't pornographers supposed to be driving technology forward?

Playboy & Layar