This campaign for Pondicherry Tourism on the 15th International Yoga Festival was released in December 2007 as a build up to the International Yoga Festival, held in the first week of january, every year. The campaign ran across South Indian cities and also in international media. Media: Print, Ambient, Outdoor, TV & Cinema Halls. Inside are the print executions and a link to the TV commercial. After looking at these images I feel stiff as a board, and that's saying a lot since I can still put one leg behind my head - can you?

see also the TV commercial here:
Pondicherry International Yoga Festival (2008) :60 (India)

Clearly, I have to do more yoga. I can do what this guy below does but not what the other folks are doing. Holy cow, I didn't even know the foot under chin thing was possible.

Agency: JWT India Senthil Kumar - Executive Creative Director & Writer Mark Manuel - Films Chief, JWT Chennai Shiv Parameswaran - Art Director Jayraj Rau & Aarti Iyer - Account Mgt. Gerald Appasamy - Director Production House - StillWaters Paul Jacob - Stretch Festival SoundTrack