Chinese women, like me, prefer being fair skinned, to the point they even carry umbrella's around to shade their faces from the sun. I'm hiding in giant hats on the beach to avoid ten bazillion freckles, but they're just following their own ideas of style (pale being 'classier' than any orange spray on tan - can't we all agree that it is?).

Taking their target markets avoidance of sunlight to heart, Ponds demonstrate what Pond's white beauty UV protectant cream does - it hides you from the sun. I'd want some, if I didn't know any better and actually have to slap on spf 50 every day - UV protect creams are wussy, Swedish southern sun is not. ;) That said, this is a cute execution, printing extra long posters that fold over themselves - with the logo and Ponds packaging printed on the other side, to create a natural shadow.

Product: Ponds
Agency: O&M Shanghai

Nils Andersson (Executive Creative Director) Kenny Choo (Creative Director) Andrew Lok (Creative Director) Jacky Lung (Creative Director) Shi Zhong (Art Director) Kenny Choo (Copywriter) Duan Qing (Copywriter) Jacky Lung (Copywriter) Kenny Choo (Art Director) Nils Andersson (Art Director) Yang Xu (Art Director) Neo Zhou (Art Director)

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