Space age technology? Ah, okay, so the ponds UV protector shields the planet so much it gets as cold as... Venus? Is that Venus or Jupiter? Where the heck is Mercury? Do I have to go back to sixth grade and not fall asleep in science class to get this ad? Oh, wait, it makes a bigger space between the sun and earth. I get it. Also, I'm really cold now. Brrr.

Ogilvy & Mather Indonesia Gary Caulfield (Executive Creative Director) Dewantarie (Creative Director) Dinah Sumantri, Dewi Ika Putri, Brianddie Joenanda, Indra Supriadi (Art Director) Dinah Sumantri (Copywriter) Fien Juharyati, Arianna Christanti (Producer) EPIX studio, Heru Suryoko (Retoucher) Moniqha Kuntoro, Disa Lestari, Michael Hartono (Account manager)

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