A poster that works no matter who gets elected

Left / red wins / Dabitch demonstrates
Blue / Right wins / Dabitch demonstrates

A poster that works no matter who gets elected

Down in Malmö, Sweden I found this poster for the regional newspaper Sydsvenskan that works up until and after the election - no matter who won, or who you wanted to win.

So, you wanted the old red left to win? You got it!

Or if you wanted the new blue conservative guys - who did win - well here ya go.

Pretty cute way to let everyone know that Sydsvenskan covers the elections, no matter what. ;)

Credits: The Fan Club, Malmö - who are currently looking to hire an Art Director and an account director. (I'm an art director, gais, gais...)

The Fan Club

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Nice idea. :)

Is the woman in the blue picture Tarja Halonen from Finland?

i thought it was the blog mistress in both pix ;)

"tic-tac-tsskT!" (drumsnare) - Thankyou thankyou, please tip your waitress. ;)

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