Pre-plan before you are dead


Pre-plan before you are dead

ACLC in Toronto had the challenge of creating print ads for something people don't usually like to talk about, pre-planning their funeral. Here's the solution to the brief they were given:

Pre-Planning your funeral is something everyone puts off. Most don’t want to think about their mortality, so they will do anything to avoid the discussion. The truth is, at some point it becomes too late to pre-plan. Why? Because you’re dead. We needed to drive redemption of the coupon, so we wove the clipping of the coupon into the idea itself. When the person clips the coupon, they also cause the demise of the character in the ad, be it the piano mover, the tight rope walker or the sky diver.

Titles: Piano, Parachute, Tightrope
Client: Mount Pleasant Cemetery
Agency: ACLC, Toronto
Creative Director: Tony Miller
Copywriter: Jason Locey
Art Director: Rodger Eyre
Illustrator: John Coburn

Ad type: 


It is as if they printed the marker-roughs.

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