Predator Watch

“Attention predators: undercover officers are online”

Predator Watch is an initiative to stop predators from soliciting sex from children online.

A multimedia campaign was created targeting sex predators—communicating that undercover police officers are online.

Tagged with the line “Attention predators: undercover officers are online,” the print component depicts police officers wearing hyper-real masks of children’s faces. A TV spot and a microsite are also part of the campaign.

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* Title: 180 * Client: Children of the Street Society * Creative Director: Ian Grais / Chris Staples * Art Director: Lisa Lebedovich * Writer: Rob Tarry/ David Giovando * Broadcast Producer (in house): Ann Rubenstein/Laura Rioux * Production Company: Industry Films * Director: Bob Rice
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osocio's picture is under construction. For how long? What are the other items of the multimedia campaign?

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The site will be under construction for another few months. The other items of the campaign are a TV spot, three print ads (posters like above), and a non-visual print ad with headline only.

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Thx. Are the other items online somewhere?