Prison Break - Soap , Ambient New Zealand


Prison Break - Soap , Ambient New Zealand

Colenso BBDO, Auckland advertised prison break (the show) by placing special bars of soap in public restrooms all over new Zealand. On one side there was a key-imprint, and on the other the shows details. I wonder how long the soaps message lasted.


"We embedded a key imprint and the show’s details into bars of soap. They were then placed in public bathrooms all around New Zealand, with the details side facing up. Upon washing their hands the user would discover the underside where a key impression was hidden.

Photographer: Stephen Roke
Creative Director: Steve Cochran
Copywriter & Art Director team: Jonathan McMahon and Lisa Fedyszyn
Agency Producer: Jo Kouvaris
Account Director: Katrina Ingham
Account Manager: Lucy Pilkington
Marketing Manager: Kristen Cartmer

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