Procter & Gamble Deft says "Fashion always returns"

Procter & Gamble Deft : High waisted
Procter & Gamble Deft : flower blouse
Procter & Gamble Deft : Bell Bottoms

Procter & Gamble Deft says "Fashion always returns"

So, why would you want to buy a detergent that keeps your clothes looking new for X washes, really? Deft cuts to the chase and says because fashion always returns. This is very true, and if you can't fit those high-waisted jeans maybe your teenage daughter can.

Agency: Leo Burnett Brasil, São Paulo

Ruy Lindenberg (Creative Director)
Breno Balbino (Art Director)
Fábio Nagano (Copywriter)
Gustavo Zylbersztajn (Photographer)

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