We're just a few months away from prom, that time in America where kids don their best formal wear and stay up the whole night of celebration of surviving four years of high school. This year, kids and parents alike will discover a new look, at least in Omaha: outfits made form condoms. The Adolescent Health Project, a program of the Women’s Fund of Omaha, partnered with local designers to create condom-adorned formal wear and display in area stores, boutiques, salons and barbershops.
The campaign was launched in the Alliance Barber Shop & Supply (2611 St. Mary’s Avenue). Additional condom outfits can be viewed at Cinderella Dress Outlet (inside Crossroads Mall), Curb Appeal Salon (518 South 10th Street), Hello Holiday (5008 Underwood Avenue), McLovin (1012 Howard Street) and Parlour 1887 (6068 Maple Street). “Safe never goes out of style,” is an apt tagline. While the call to action points to Sex Facts Omaha to find information about access to contraception, and where to find free condoms in more than 100 locations.
Nebraska, has a high rate of STD's in teenagers, and this is one step in trying to curb the spread, not to mention educate them to prevent STDs and teen pregnancy through the use of contraceptives, condoms, or even abstinence. Crazy thought, I know.
In their heyday, American Apparel ads looked so sleazy one could almost pick up an STD just by looking at them. So what I like really like about the art direction of these print ads is how much of a they deliberate parody of American Apparel they are.

Client: Women’s Fund of Omaha – Get the Sex Facts Omaha Agency: Serve Marketing Creative Directors: Gary Mueller, Jeff Ericksen Art Director: Carsyn McKenzie Copywriter: Jeff Ericksen Photographer: Nick Collura Retoucher: Anthony Giacomino Producer: Kristin Peterson Designer: Alison Galarza Social Media Photographer: Haley Miller Public Relations: Jill Heggen, Bridget Frankie Social Media Manager: Andrew Rojahn Account Executives: Laura Gainor, Lauren Sutter Print Production Managers: Rob Birdsall, Stacey Soden Makeup Artist: Erika Sorenson Casting Agency: Cream City Casting