PSA turns homeless into asphalt statues


PSA turns homeless into asphalt statues show with this 'asphaltisation' that the longer you live on the street the harder it is to get off it. The creative comes from Publicis Conseil Paris who want to raise awareness of the homeless plight and direct people to help via Photographed by Marc Paeps the images show how homeless people slowly turn into asphalt, rooting into homelessness. Creepy.

Client: Samusocial
Agency: Publicis Conseil, Paris
Olivier Altmann (Chief Creative Officer)
Véronique Sels (Creative Director)
Frédéric Royer (Head of Art)
alexandra offe (Art Director)
Véronique Sels (Copywriter)
Marc Paeps (Photographer)
Production: Elysian Fields (Gael Cheval, Charly Forin)
Art Buyer: Jean-Luc Chirio

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i really like these photos :) thought you should know good job

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