Puma - H-Street/Jamaica (2003) Print Ad (USA)


Puma - H-Street/Jamaica (2003) Print Ad (USA)

How does Puma redeem itself after that sexy, but fake "squirt" campaign? By creating a very unsexy and "dry" ad.

Superadgrunts, click read more to see Puma the way they want to be seen.

Bodycopy: H-Street/Puma is a proud sponsor of the Jamaican Athletics Federation.

You can find this print ad in the June/July issue of Details magazine.


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Yo! I saw that ad as a large (48sheet) poster in France somewhere.... The puma logo is wee tiny on the poster... :) It's a great shot.

I enjoy this ad. It caters to all the "other" people in the world. Jamaica is a big soccer country, so in order to get that market, you have to cater to the regular folks. Good job Puma. Thanks for this ad, and I'm searching like crazy for the H-Street with the Jamaican flag colors.

The shoes is on the puma.com website store.

yeah, but who cares? Discussing the ads doesn't mean we have any interest in the product sold. ;)

hey go to puma.com to get the jamaica colors!!!

these grannies rule!!

This is a great picture! I framed it! Thanks, V. Loe

This is the campaign that was shot by photographer Juergen Teller, right? (according to Pumas latest press release, their last campaign was created in house and Juergen was the photographer. Just thought I'd add his cred.)

hello there, i noticed that you said puma should get jamaica colors... well in fact they do! check out a puma store in your area.. or go to www.puma.com they have numerous items such as shoes, head bands, jacket with jamaica flag colors.. here's link http://store.puma.com/Searchresults.pasp

they have every color except the jamaican color. I have been searching every where and no one has them

When i saw the grannies ad, i was so impressed with the sence of humour and the natural style of this grannies, that i'm even considering geting them for my granmother too. Of course for no reason in the world i would miss the chance to buy the H Street with the Jamaican colours....they're very confy - well done Puma! I'm just curious: how did the sales go? Sold out? Heheheh

i know i've been lookin as well. does anyone know where can i buy the h street shoe with the jamaican colors? please let me know...been tryin to get them for quite some time now.

okay Help I might be a lil slow but I cant get to the site.!!!!


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