RAC Roadside Assistance - Vulture Billboard


RAC Roadside Assistance - Vulture Billboard

On an isolated stretch of the Bunbury highway going to the south coast, this billboard reminds you that having Roadside Assistance in case the car breaks down is a good idea™.

Client : RAC Roadside Assistance
Agency : The Brand Agency, Perth
Executive Creative Director : Garry Horner
Copywriter : Garry Horner
Art Director : Garry Horner
Art Director : Craig Buchanan
Account Director : Kerri Hall
Planner : Paul Yole

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Thing is, the RAC are the vultures. On a hot day my wife was driving to Perth to pick me up from the airport and over heated due to a crack in the reservoir bottle - not far from where that sign is located. The RAC guy took a look, told her the radiator cap was old and needed replacing, charged her $25 for a radiator cap and some water (in an Aluminum motor!!!) and sent her on her way. Well, before long she'd overheated again and cracked the block - motor destroyed! Thanks a lot RAC!

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