Are we promoting unsafe sex or wet suits? Wet suits! Or, sex sells part onehundredumpteen.

Photographer Jimmy Fok shot the saucy little scenarios on surfboards for ad agency The Furnace in Sydney. Art Director was Paris Giannakis and copywriter Andrew Allsop.

Client: Radiator Agency: The Furnace, Sydney Creative Director: Rob Martin Murphy Copywriter: Andrew Allsop Art Director: Paris Giannakis Photographer: Jimmy Fok

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  • malkie66's picture

    Fok me! They're great photos aren't they? With a cheesy Forties look to them. Um...what was the product again?

    Mar 02, 2007
  • areia's picture

    The best thing about this campaign is the photgraphers name.

    Mar 03, 2007
  • Robblink's picture

    A brilliant way to sell the wet the nude!

    Mar 03, 2007
  • DUCKMANDUCK's picture
    DUCKMANDUCK (not verified)

    Why are they wearing wigs?

    Nov 20, 2012