RC SCORPION remote control cars are tougher than those other remote controlled wimpy toys, and this is how Ogilvy London decided to communicate that.
If you don't want a remote controlled car, head over to Roadkilltoys for your very own squished raccoon.

James Day, Photographer Malcolm Poynton, Executive Creative Director Neil Dawson, Creative Director Dom Sweeney, Art Director John Crozier, Copywriter Model Maker - Peter Cole

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  • kurtberengeiger's picture

    Oh wow! I'm definitely getting one of those squashed racoons for my godson!

    Apr 01, 2008
  • Dabitch's picture

    I read "grandson" for a second and thought you might have procreated at age five or something.

    Apr 01, 2008
  • MaryWills's picture

    Amusing this concept of "tough toys for tough boys". There is currently an advert airing in the US for Tonka which follows a similar concept using the strapline "Built for Boyhood". Thought I possibly saw another ad somewhere with another similar line but might have been for this company (and might have been on this site).

    Love the squished hedgehog though.

    Apr 01, 2008
  • aby902's picture

    Use a toy animal to keep the activists from throwing a hissy!

    Apr 02, 2008
  • James_Trickery's picture

    That's not the reason it's a toy animal. Think about it a little longer. It'll come to you.

    Apr 02, 2008

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