The boys from Mother NYC keep their promises, in the 10 cane post they said they'd come with more booze ads, and now they show off Milwaukee's Best Light’s new microsite. The site is full with advergames which like the poster campaign is built with stuff that appeals to the unapologetic male stereotype, the "anti-metrosexual" if you will. Their motto: "Men should act like men, and light beer should taste like beer."

The ads run in Playboy where they can be certain to reach the manly male audience (do women read Playboy for the articles? Naaah!)

"The Milwaukee's Best campaign celebrates real men who still act like men, and lets them know they haven't been forgotten. We wanted to take a modern turn on classic American beer advertising - the pinup poster - to create something that guys would love to hang up in their garages." said Paul Malmström.

Agency: Mother, N.Y. CD: Paul Malmström, Linus Karlsson Copywriters: Allon Tatarka, Ann Mason, Dave Clark Art Director: Rob Baird Art Buyer: Karla Olmedo Photographer: Peter Gehrke