Red Cross - Rain, House, Bridge - press, China


Red Cross - Rain, House, Bridge - press, China

Soon after the devastating earthquake in China, ad agency Itect, Guangzhou ran this campaign to show people that even a single donation can make a huge difference.

Agency: Itect, Guangzhou
Client: Red Cross
Tan Liping (Designer)
Wang Xiaoling (Designer)
Cai Jiabin (Photographer)
Joe Harris (Creative Director)
Paul Chan (Copywriter)
Liu Tau (Copywriter)
Sheng Guang (Art Director)
China, People's Republic of

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The first execution is the best, the rest are a little lame in comparison. But good to see the Red Cross advertising what it's known for: helping people in crisis.

Bet we don't see comments from those anti-Red Cross morons on this thread. And yes, they are morons in my opinion.

Seconded - on every aspect.

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