Ricard dresses statues up for summer


Ricard dresses statues up for summer

Last Friday, the 21st of July, it was the national holiday in Belgium which means "party party party". They might not be the Dutch on Queensday but they are damn close. This year Ricard (an aniseed based spirit) decided to party with folks and decked statues out in summer-gear. See images inside and the positioning that prompted this idea.

Now, I don't know if these statues "feel sunny" or just look silly, but this is what was done.

In order to emphasize its new positioning "Feel Sunny", Ricard decorated dozens of statues with all sorts of summer clothing: swimming trunks, bandanas, shirts, ... giving them a real sunny feeling.

Said Matthias of duvalguillaume.

Ad agency: Duval Guillaume

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I don't get it. Party hats I might understand.

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