Rinat Levy - fashion designer - Avioz Visual pro


Rinat Levy - fashion designer - Avioz Visual pro

These images be created by different picture, from the location and studio photos of the models,
and composed by computer work to be completed to total visual by Avioz Visual pro.

creative concept & computer work: Avioz Visual Pro
photographer: Ofer Avioz
creative planning: Kobi Amzaleg

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excellent job!

The one with the bride jumping off the boat reminds me of one of the most cringe-worthy scenes in Melrose Place, ever.

Alison who's jumped from receptionist to Creative director in something like one season flat, presents this "idea" to a client, a photograph where the bride is jumping off a boat into the water. She wraps it up with the horrible pun "taking the plunge." Wins account and much kudos.

I still have nightmares.

ad is good

like no other is the base line of sony....

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