Ripolin makes watching paint age interesting


Ripolin makes watching paint age interesting

Oh my, what on earth is this? My tutor Gillard (may he r.i.p.) used to spend hours praising French advertising "they may not make sense, but they always look fantastic", over the years I've come to agree with him. Here DRAFT FCB has an unusual way of selling paint.

see ads inside yo.

Creative credits
CD: Thomas Stern
AD: Antoine Paufichet
CW: Caroline Ribemont

Photographer: Marco Samson ( from LNB agent )
Retouche : Pierrick ( from Keep Coul )

Ad type: 


Grant on adlist spotted the typo in the English tagline. "Wich" one who lives in Paris I can attest that French advertising is pretty much in your face. Usually it's tits and arse. This is quite something isn't it?

I've never thought of paint aging until now. I wish I hadn't.

Ha! Make The Logo Bigger find the best use of the strikethrough tag, evah.

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