The release states :

Rok Vegas, at the New York-New York Hotel & Casino, is a brand new nightclub that features all genres of music in a complete sensory-overload environment. Rok Vegas is the first ever club with a 360 degree video screen for an Imax-like club experience—throbbing music, pulsating lights and motion graphics surround the club and create a high energy, chaotic environment that can best be described as fun and sexy with an irreverent and edgy attitude. LA-based independent creative agency David&Goliath wanted to establish a brand image that would communicate what Rok’s “sexy, confident attitude” is all about. Through print and outdoor ads, the brand lets people know that Rok Vegas is THE club to come to for a high energy, don’t-give-a-f***, good time. David&Goliath’s goal was to generate excitement and momentum for the launch of the hottest new nightclub on the Vegas Strip.

- and so they did all that by... doing ads an average BrainCo student would laugh at. Yes folks, it's the old "rebus" campaign featuring some not so subtle euphemistic images instead of the various body parts you may rock off (like brown bags with the word "fun" printed on them, reaching too far kids!).
Extra annoying point: the release calls these "out-of-home" ads. For effs sake just say "outdoor" or something. "OOH" really gets on my nerves, it is as if you wish that I'd say "ooh!" when I see your campaign.

Ad agency David&Goliath, Los Angeles weren't stingy with the old symbols for various body parts (not to mention puns) here.

Agency: David&Goliath David Angelo : Chief Creative Officer Colin Jeffery : Executive Creative Director John Kieselhorst : Creative Director Eric Waetzig : Art Director Dave Povill : Copywriter

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  • alex's picture

    The follow-up campaign will no doubt include such lines as 'Fuk your ears up' and 'Sik your guts up'.

    Sep 22, 2008
  • alex's picture

    It’s edgier than U2’s guitarist having a wet shave at Beachy Head while on the phone to Graeme Edge of the Moody Blues.

    Sep 22, 2008

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