The house nobody wants to live in
The house nobody wants
29 rooms and a kitchen, that nobody wants to live in
Sign pointing to the house

Like the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health campaign created by Zig, Toronto - the Ronald McDonald House campaign have lifted their style from the real estate ads we see each day. But with a twist. Right now we have 14 families waiting. But nobody wants to move in... their first headline states, alluding to the usual queueing system Swedes endure for housing.

In real estate shop windows you'll find their ad stating "The house nobody wants to live in" begging for your attention. In local spots where "apartment for rent" ads normally appear, their note hangs stating "29 rooms and a kitchen that nobody wants"

Finally there's signs, mocking the usual "open house" realtor signs pointing the Ronald McDonald house out in Gothenburg.

Because really, no parent wants to live there, but it's nice to know that it is there.

Ad agency: Welcom Gothenburg Account exec: Ulrika Brinkenberg Copywriter: Niclas Hallgren Art director: Andreas Larsson Production: Anna Rosenqvist

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