Communicating that literacy is the antidote to many of the problems in developing countries was the goal behind a new campaign for Room to Read, created by The Gate Worldwide. Room to Read is an award-winning international nonprofit organization focused on literacy and gender equality in education in developing countries.

"Books are like medicine," says Mike Abadi, the Associate Creative Director and copywriter on the campaign. "They can cure a lot of problems in the world. To make this point, we placed them in out-of-context environments like inside a medicine cabinet and as steps leading to an employment office."

"Room to Read is performing noble and important work and they have a proven track record," said Beau Fraser, Managing Director at The Gate Worldwide. "They've established more than 10,000 libraries and distributed over 7 million books in the developing world, and they are helping thousands of girls get a secondary school education they would not otherwise receive."

Executive Creative Director: David Bernstein Art Director: Paul Coyle Copywriter: Mike Abadi

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