Roy Awards - print, Sweden


Roy Awards - print, Sweden

The Art of Making People Give Away Their Eyes for 30 Seconds.

Roy. Awarding the best commercials 2009.
28th October at Rival in Stockholm. Open for enteries from the 3rd  - 25th September. Learn more at

Client: Roy
Agency: Le Bureau
Art Director/Copywriter: Jonas Wittenmark
Art Director/Copywriter: Tobias Carlson
Photographer: Erik Undéhn
Retouch: Johan Rosenberg

Ad type: 


Way cool i love it !! Gore, blood, eyes on a hand, it has everything! great stuff

Much better than the puking gorilla... Wasn't that also for the Roy award?

Oh, you mean the puking gorilla video and the super realistic poster of "Ralph the gorilla announcing the open bar? Yeah the Roy awards have fun when they do ads, clearly. :)

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