Mexico ranked first in teenage pregnancy globally, with 1252 deliveries daily. For those teenage kids, their life is not only changed dramatically, but they are stigmatized. Disowned by their parents, unable to go to school, and discriminated against. It's a harsh reality. But you can help by donating to Save The Children.
Nice use of art direction here although not every teenager who gives birth has it done as a C-section.

Client: Save The Children Agency: Sparkling México. Chief Creative Officer: Rafa Barthaburu, Esteban Sacco. Creative Director: Daniel de León Art Director: Rafa Betancourt, Karina Espinoza, Holympia Villareal Copywriter: Luis Campos, Miguel Pahua, Account Director: Elsy Cornelio Account Executive: María José Nuñez Photographer: Ale Burset. Digital Retouching: Diego Speroni, Mauricio Cifuentes.