A street corner stand-off for the show East West 101.
RazorJunior Sydney (Australia) where Josh Moore is the Creative Director and Julian Saide is the Art Director working with Giuliana DeFelice Copywriter on this project.

When I got this 'corner ad' (for lack of a better term, what should we call this trick?) I was reminded of a few other corner ads, and I wondered how many we might collect.

Plywood said

About 8 9 10 years ago Labatt Blue did print/outdoor in Canada showing interesting character A walking down one street toward a corner about to run into interesting character B coming down the other. No I can't remember any of 'em.

and that sounds like a very early example of this media, if we can find it.

And here we have some nice Ariel examples.

(not quite ready for badland yet... is it?)

Ariel & East