Schweppes fountains of effervescence


Schweppes fountains of effervescence

A new ambient campaign by Duval Guillaume Antwerp for Schweppes will be taking over fountains through European cities in countries such as Germany, Switzerland, Sweden and Norway to illustrate the effervescence of the product.

Agency: Duval Guillaume Brussels

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That's pretty clever. would look great as a giant one at that huge fountain outside Jiddah (Saudi) which - if I recall correctly - spits water 150m up in the air!

Interesting idea. Although, a bottle spewing carbonated water is not necessarily a good thing. It makes me think of dropped or shaken bottles exploding soda water everywhere upon opening them.

This execution would be good for a champagne as well with perhaps a floating cork in the pool.

I agree. It's cool and clever but what does it say about the Schweppes brand?

Schhhhhhhhh...weppererfrernce? (I dunno. Their line always confused me.)

Germany, Switzerland, Sweden and Norway? What an odd bunch of countries. And all this from an agency in Belgium? I'm not buying it.

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