The summer campaign version of Sécurité Routière’s All affected campaign, which shows the real effect of speeding, so many lives are affected by a single collision. This campaign is called « The Sunshine Highway » and the film with it follows the same flying bodies idea as the earlier film "Shockwave".

Excessive speed was the cause of one in three accidents in 2015. The vast majority of these tragedies was due to complacent behaviour. This tendency is confirmed by the Observatoire des vitesses (Speed Observatory) which notes a 4 km/h increase in the average speed on highways limited to 130 km/h (and of 2 km/h on those limited
to 110), resulting in an increase in road fatalities of 23.1%.
In the first days of the big summer break, Sécurité routière launches its campaign to underscore the absurdity of driving too fast : for only a marginal gain in time (7 minutes for a Paris to Lille journey when driving 10 kms/h faster than the speed limit), the consequences can be hugely disproportionate: loss of a loved one, injuries and handicaps, broken lives, shattered families. For the faster one drives, the longer are the stopping distances, the harder is the impact in case of an accident and the more irreversible are the consequences.

Due to the terrible attack in Nice and the aftermath with climbing death toll and injured people, especially children, this campaign may have to be post-phoned or pulled completely. Set to coincide with the start of France's national holiday weeks, it was to be a reminder to vacationers to slow down. Sadly, it may just be a reminder of Nice.

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