Serve marketing has created the campaign “Get the Sex Facts Omaha”, that aims to debunk some of the widely spread myths young people have about sex, and hopefully open up for conversations with their parents about sex.

"The average teen spends more than five hours a day online and the kind of misinformation they're exposed to about sex is frightening," said Gary Mueller, volunteer creative director at Serve Marketing, who helped develop the campaign. "We wanted to use social media to combat these myths because that's where the conversations are happening. And at the same time we want to open the eyes of parents to what their kids are learning online."

Now, as far as I recall from less than informed teenage years, we had a myth about getting pregnant if you even swimming in the same pool as some recently freed sperm, so I'm not sure where the "you can't get pregnant in a hot tub" myth stems from, but we all know that kids and young teens have some nutty ideas about sex. The best way to tackle this sometimes dangerous misinformation is to give the teens correct information, even if you have to serve it up stone-faced and dry, in between hysterical teen-giggle attacks. Pamphlets handed out at schools, informative web pages, that sort of thing.

Serve marketing has created these posters and four TV spots. The media includes outdoor, newspaper ads and digital pre-roll video. In addition, there is a strong social media and online component that includes digital pre-roll videos and an interactive online quiz. Teens and parents will be directed to the website where they can take the quiz, view the videos and have access to a free parent talk toolkit, which encourages parents to and teens to both contribute to the conversation.

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