Imagine a car brand asking its customers to drive its car less so as not to pollute the environment. Or a chocolate brand asking its consumers to refrain from eating their product before going to bed…sounds crazy right?
Well that is exactly what our cellular client did when it appealed to its subscribers to refrain from sending text messages when driving. This did not only go against common sense, but against the company's obvious financial interests as well. This generated an unusual and innovative message in the advertising landscape so you'll understand why the judges at the Clio chose the orange ad, as the only ad in the telecommunications category to be shortlisted in the competition and featured in the Festival's exhibition.

Chief Creative Officer – Gideon Amichay
Creative Director – Tzur Golan
Group Creative Director – Yariv Twig
Copywriter – Geva Kochva
Art Director – Asaf Covo
Account Director – Meirav Harel
Account Manager – Merav Greenshtein
Planner- Hila Tamir

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