My Significant Other is a photographer, so when his birthday was coming up I spent a silly amount of time trying to make a camera-lens travel-mug for him to drag his coffee around in. I failed, my welding skills aren't what they used to be and I never did look as cool as Jennifer Beals doing it.

So when this popped into the submission box I mentally high-fived art director Sharad Haksar and Creative Director Anantha Narayan of 1pointsize for coming up with the world's first camera lens calendar. I want this! Click on the image to enlarge it and view the details better.

TARGET AUDIENCE: Key international clients of photographer Sharad Haksar
THE BACKGROUND: Clients receive a lot of desktop calendars as corporate gifts. To stand out from the clutter, the calendar had to be something they've never seen before.
THE OBJECTIVE: To create an innovative calendar that strengthens Sharad Haksar's equity of being a creative photographer.
SOLUTION: The Camera Lens is the most visible sign of a professional photographer. So we designed a long-life desktop calendar that looks like a camera lens. We used the focus, shutter speed and aperture rings to cue the year, month and date. And we sculpted the calendar from a single block of Aluminum.
THE RESULT: a stunning looking calendar displaying dates from 2008 to 2032. And weighing above 4 Kgs.

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  • Neo's picture

    I want one too. That's a really nice idea but must have cost a bundle.

    Jan 30, 2009

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