Shiner Premium - Not New. Not Improved - print, USA


Shiner Premium - Not New. Not Improved - print, USA

Bringing back the old-skool beers? i like it. Headline: "Not New. Not Improved." - to the point. But why are we doing this? Because Shiner Blonde has its original name back – Shiner Premium. Aaaah.. *wipes mouth*. What?

The Spoetzl Brewery welcomes back Shiner Premium – a beer that was first introduced when the brewery opened in 1909. In fact, it’s the first recipe the brewery ever produced. Since those days, that same beer has been known by several names: Premium, Texas Export and most recently Shiner Blonde. From humble beginnings, Shiner Beers are now known around the country – enjoyed by beer drinkers who embrace our authenticity. The Spoetzl Brewery has always taken great pride in its history and heritage. Where they came from is very important to who they are now. That’s why they’re giving Shiner Blonde its original name back – Shiner Premium.

Advertised brand: Shiner Beer
Advert title(s): Not New. Not Improved.
Headline and copy text (in English): Not New. Not Improved.
Advertising Agency: McGarrah Jessee
Name, City, Country: McGarrah Jessee, Austin, TX, USA
Agency website:
Art Director: John Tullis
Copywriter: Brian Jordan
Additional credits: Creative Director: James Mikus, Design Director: David Kampa, Designer: Karl Hebert
Published: February, 2013

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