So check this out. Some people don't just hear music, but they see colors and geometric shapes as a visual aid. They call this neurological condition Synesthesia.

Two well known artists who suffered from it were Wassily Kandisnky and a Finnish composer named Jean Sibelius.

Agency 358 Helsinki was tasked with coming up with a visual identity for the Sibelius Academy. Since no one round the office had this condition (or LSD) they went with the next best option: Creating software that analyzed music according to pitch, timber, tempo etc, and transformed it into colors. It's kinda like they asked Sibelius himself to design the identity.

The results are really fun. And I'll bet the car would look really awesome going hundred miles and hour.

Client: Sibelius academy Agency: 358 Helsinki Country: Finland Creative director: Verneri Leimu Art director: Leo Karhunen Graphic designer: Joel Parsons Agency producer: Roosa Rudkiewicz