- Braille, an introduction , print UK - Braille, an introduction , print UK

"If you keep touching yourself you will go blind!" - well, now that you no braille that's not a problem, is it?

Agency: Golley Slater
Phil Hickes (Creative Director)
Martin Bush (Creative Director)
David Abbott and Paul Williams (Art Director)
David Abbott and Paul Williams (Copywriter)

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I so hope it's tactile posters too, that would be a real coup for the agency, although the client is surely always going to be brave considering the product offering. Kudos mainly for not showing flesh or using puns, or being controversial, etc, etc.

I can't wait to see them in situ.

If they aren't tactile, wouldn't that totally ruin the idea?

I think it would work brilliantly with or without tactile printing.

I'm dense. I don't get it. Can someone explain? Its not just about touching, or is it?

if you use their products too much, you'll go blind

Ha! Man, I'm an idiot. Thanks.

Well, that was what I was thinking. But looking at the image it doesn't show if they are or not.

polotechnics's is right though (below), it works either way. I just thought it would be waaay cooler if it was tactile.

Sorry, missed that comment. Yep, it works just as a visual piece. Maybe I'll pop by Golly Slater, or email a friend that works there, and ask them to make it tactile! If not for the posters then at least for a DM piece.

Taking a slight diversion, have you seen that website that recites porn for the blind - yes, they really have people talking you through the action in mp3 format. Next time you see a blind person smiling while wearing headphones, you'll think twice about shaking their hand! Here's the Wiki link

Don't feel bad, Neo, I didn't get it either.

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