Looking good won't cut it unless you smell good, too. This rather fun campaign uses paper-mâché sculptures to present you with an either/or scenario. Eyes Vs. Nose. Whether it's a job interview or a backstage groupie, if you stink, you're done.
Absolutely love the art direction on this. I hope they kept the sculptures.

Agency: Lapiz/Leo Burnett USA
Client: P&G
Product: Gain Laundry Detergent
Title: 'Eyes vs Nose' Groupie and Job Interview
Headline: Smell as Great as You Look.
Chief Creative Officer: Laurence Klinger
Executive Creative Director: Fabio Seidl
Creative Director: Maru Bernal
Copywriter: Omar Sotomayor Noel
Art Director: Gastón Soto
Studio: 4Humans Argentina
Ilustration and 3D: Demian, Gustavo Federico


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