Smelly posters stinking up a street near you soon.

Cream magazine has named Azzaro perfumes smelly posters "media idea of the week" in AdAge.

Yes, posters that spritz perfumes on people passing by! And you thought that noisy Coke poster was annoying - just you wait until the cities are covered with these smelly ads. Before anyone jumps to invest in media that sprays smells like super soakers, consider the many perfume free areas already in place in many cities to accommodate people with allergies - posters like these can't be placed just anywhere. Stockholm underground is right out for example. Streets might not be though, so get your fashionable gas masks today! ;)

The activity ran for a month in the two airports as part of a launch campaign for the Azzaro brand with the diffusion technology in the poster site spreading the fragrance up to 15 feet in all directions. Thus not only did the perfume house hit the much-desired business traveler in the run-up to Christmas, but it also enabled consumers to sample the product without them having to rip open all those tedious scent strips in glossy magazines.
Personally, I want to see - er smell, a McDonalds Quarter Pounder poster, air wick tobacco eliminating air freshener posters outside of offices, or a Giorgio Beverly Hills perfume making it's stinky comeback on one of these poster sites. Or maybe not.

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    I get migranes walking through the perfume departments of stores. This would not make me happy. This is what I call rude advertising.

    Jun 09, 2006

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