You've seen the commercials Slow Motion, Fly and Time Travel. Now look at the press ad and consider for a moment.. is it possible... is the tagline back? You know, the tagline, the one that ties the whole campaign together like a ribbon. The line that adsplains what you just saw and also doubles as a description of the products benefits. Like "Takes a licking, keeps on ticking" for Timex. Like "Use it to start something" for Zippo. It's not a question, like "Got Milk?", it's not an order, like "Don't leave home without it". It's "Australian for beer" or "You can't top the copper top". It's fun.

I can see how this concept could run forever. Dare I say that is.... *puts on sunglasses*.. Kind of genius?

Client:Seth & Riley's Garage Clients: Olga Lee, Valeriya Krynetskaya, Thomas Lohren Busch Agency: Duval Guillaume Executive Creative Director: Geoffrey Hantson, Katrien Bottez Art Director: Lennert Vedts Copywriter: Jeremie Goldwasser Strategic Director: Piet Wulleman Digital Strategic Director: Kris Hoet Account Director: Elke Janssens Account Manager: Jochen Van Lysebettens Digital Strategic Planner: Sophie Jadoul Agency Producer: Marc Van Buggenhout, Tuyen Pham Xuan Production Company: Hobby Film Director: Oskar Bard Executive Producer: Calle Isberg Producer: Erik Liss DOP: Kjell Lagerroos Postproduction: Hobby Film & Postmenn Sound: Johan Isaksson, Postmenn & STOPP Editor: Håkan Wärn, Oystein Dyb, Frederik Nordstedt, Stefan Ström, Gregers Dohn Read more at

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