Publicis - Dallas created this Knockout campaign for Sominex sleep aid featuring Boxing Glove, Mallet and Frying Pan.

The brand has been around for decades and has a loyal customer base, but hadn't advertised in years. Maker GlaxoSmithKline wanted to increase sales by introducing the brand to a new generation of users who have never heard of the product. The campaign approach uses visually arresting images to dramatize the product's reliability - this stuff knocks you out.
Client - GlaxoSmithKline Brand - Sominex Agency: Publicis, Dallas Executive Creative Director - Shon Rathbone Group Creative Director - Eric Moncaleano Creative Director / Copywriter - Steve Grimes Associate Creative Director / Art Director - Dolph Kawalec Photographer - John Parker Retouching and 3D - Clive Biley Print Producer - Brad Robinson PrePress - Schawk

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