Sony's PSP Posters London


Sony's PSP Posters London

TBWALondon has created a series of 22 posters which have been up throughout London as of Feb 25th. These posters are part of the Do it Here project, aimed at showing off the features of the PSP.

Many gaming sites have been puzzled at the "white bits" poster. Is it a double entendre? Possibly. The line "Your girlfriend's white bits here" touts the ability to store photographs, so really it could be any thing from those pearly whites to knockers. Another ad reads "Strong language and scenes of a sexual nature here" to promote the movie-playing function.

Check out a collection of the ads on flickr

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Surely you mean PSP, not P2P.

heh. fixed typo. Methinks the caffeinegoddess might have lacked caffeine!

Gah. Well it's proof the post was writen by a human and not a bot. ;)
ta for the fix-a-roo.

hehhe no problem. and at least you were consistent!

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