SOYJOY "Fortified with Optimism" campaign - print, USA

artist: Roman Klonek
artist: Gary Taxali
Artist: Simon Peplow
artist: Gary Taxali
artist Roman Klonek

Repositioning itself as the source of whole soy, SoyJoy plays on its name and the feeling you get from being good to yourself - or as PRA put it "The 2008 SOYJOY re-launch campaign connects the energy and power of joyful exuberance to the healthy benefits of whole soy. It makes SOYJOY the catalyst for joy—the kind of joy you get from knowing that you are doing something good for your mind, body and spirit."
Since the target market are optimistic creatures this called for some happy illustrations so RPA got the visual artistic style for the campaign through Roman Klonek, Simon Peplow and Gary Taxali.


Personally, I had no idea that "whole soy" even existed let alone was something I'm supposed to eat, but perhaps the follow-up campaign can explain that to me. Then again, being the beer-guzzling cynical depressed person that I am, I'm likely not the target market. ;)


See also the commercials that go with this campaign, Cloud and Jump rope here in the archive.

Creative team at RPA was; Creative Director: Mark Erwin Art Director: Kelly Beck Copywriter: Kathy Hepinstall Typographer: Linzie Hunter
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Whole soy must be absolutely packed with phytoestrogens, trypsin inhibitors, toxic lysinoalanine and highly carcinogenic nitrosamines, if you believe those who warn against excessive soya use. Not that I'm making a comment one way or the other, you understand. I'm sure this product is perfectly safe.

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Would you be talking about this Whole Soy Story?

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That's the kind of thing I meant. Not that it has anything to do with this doubtlessly highly nutritious and well-researched product, of course.

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I'm fine with it as long as nobody makes a whole soy beer.

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