These aren't technically print ads. They were included with the press release for JWT's "Tinta Contra o Câncer" campaign for A.C.Camargo Cancer Center. But i think they're more powerful than the case study video which spends more time explaining the concept and less time showing the work.

The concept was simple. JWT S.P asked local graffiti artists if they could put up a temporary addition to the murals-- turning the bare-chested women into bare-chested women post-masectomy. All to raise awareness about the issue, but also champion the brave survivors.

These images deserve to explode on social media--beyond ad publications and people who work in advertising. Hopefully real people of Sao Paulo will notice them more, too.

Agency: JWT
Client: A.C.Camargo Cancer Center
Account team: Yves Rodrigues, Fábio Bastouly
CCO: Ricardo John
Head of Art: Fabio Simões
Creative Director: Hernan Rebalderia e Santiago Dulce
Copywriter: Lucas Tristão
Art Director: Filipe Cuvero, Brunno Cortez
Agency Production Director: Marcia Lacaze
Agency Production: Fafa Oliveira
Film Production Company: Bando
Director: Pedro Gomes
Sound Production Company: Shuffle Áudio
Advertiser’s Approval: Irlau Machado, Adriana Braga, Luciana Del Nero, Danielle Lago


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