Stihl Chainsaws - Giant coupon billboard - Canada

Rethink Vancouver created this little "performance art" stunt for Stihl professional chainsaws:
First they put a coupon and an actual chainsaw on a billboard.

After a few of weeks a guy showed up one morning, cut out the giant coupon with the chainsaw, and left with it. The board then stayed up with a big hole in it.

Agency:Rethink Communications, Vancouver Ian Grais (Creative Director) Chris Staples (Creative Director) Katie Ainsworth (Copywriter) David de Haas (Art Director)
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So no-one tried to steal the chainsaw, then?

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Apparently not. Odd that. It can't be that hard to climb a billboard but maybe it's not worth a chainsaw to do it. (I'll assume everyone thought it was a dummy chainsaw)

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It could have been a dummy. How many witnesses saw the guy take the actual chainsaw from the billboard and start it up?

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Are you suggesting that people might fake adverts?