M&C Saatchi Stockholm launched “Stockholm Is Your Canvas” for this year's Stockholm Art Week. The Thiel Gallery is hosting some very nice art from the likes of Kai Vermehr, eBoy, Alvaro Sotomayor, and more. But here's the kicker. Your work can also be featured. Yup, we're talking UGC, where submit you art and have it displayed with augmented reality on a wall at the same gallery.
Even better-- you don't even need to visit the gallery. If you are in and around Stockholm, and see one of the posters above, you can tap on your Stockholm Is Your Canvas app use the poster like a QR Code to display the work right on your phone. people love QR codes! Right?
I like the idea of this for sure. It almost makes the actual Thiel Gallery experience superfluous.

Client: Stockholm Art Week Agency:M&C Saatchi Stockholm Sparkling Zoo

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