If there's one thing we can agree on this election season it's...actually, who am I kidding. it's 2016. If I said we can all agree we need air to breath, someone who identifies as Non-Oxgenated would be sure I was shadowbanned on Twitter. Still you can't fault ad agencies for co-opting trying, especially when everyone is talking about the election. Y&R partnered with restaurant chain, Dinosaur Bar-B-Que for a special election day event. On Election night, all nine east coast locations will offer up right wings and left wings, a “F*ckIt Buckit” for those unicorn voters none as undecideds, and sauces that reflect the lexicon of this year's election. SO you can see if Left Wing Nasty Sauce is worse than Right Wing Deplorable sauce. Good to know someone still has a sense of humor. Although I wish the lines were as memorable as the stuff we've heard this election. These are the participating locations if you want to chow down on Tuesday night:

Baltimore, MD
Brooklyn, NY
Buffalo, NY
Harlem, NY
Newark, NJ
Rochester, NY
Stamford, CT
Syracuse, NY
Troy, NY

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