Sure active response - print ad - (2004) UK


Sure active response - print ad - (2004) UK

Since we've been looking at how you sell Axe for men in the print campaign in the USA and the print&poster campaign in UK, I thought a quick peek at the latest Sure active response print ad for women would be fun. Read more to see it.

God knows it made me laugh out loud. Do the boys reading out there get it?


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The knickers could have been a lot uglier, but I get it.

HA! I love it! Would make a great busposter too - I'd run home and change.

I DON'T GET IT!! Someone please tell me what this ad means. What does "I've pulled" mean and what does the product do?

She scored, a handsome man , while wearing granny-underwear! Gosh forbid!

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