Kidsleepy here says they look like old Diesel ads, and while I see what he means I also see the idea shining through all sparkly and bright caught in the photoflash.
These women, glamourous like the paparazzi-chased TMZ starlets, are caught doing bad things.
Not terrible things, like snorting coke off Lindsey Lohan without sharing, but everyday naughty things. They're letting their toddler walk just to pull frivolous shopping in the stroller. They're having carbs! They're not in control of their giant dog! They're not in control of their ice-cream cravings! They're just so (clutches pearls) scandalous, with a bright shine of sparkle on top. Because they're wearing Swarovski bling, the everyday diamond if you will. Add a little shine to the mundane of everyday, and suddenly you're a star even if it's just when you strut your stuff down the grocery aisle. Nicely done.

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